Airbrush is a light-weight liquid makeup applied through an air gun and compressor that produces a thin, even layer of makeup in a spraying motion. It is the most HD (high definition) foundation created. The fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. I will mix foundation colors for a perfect blend to match your skin tone. Airbrush is ideal for clients who are not used to wearing makeup or prefer a more natural finish and feel. Airbrush makeup is sweat, tear and transfer resistant and photographs beautifully.

Trials are offered in a studio setting if not scheduled at your home or office.  We typically meet for about 2 hrs. We will go step by step and document colors used, followed by a photograph for my records.  You are are encouraged to bring (1 or 2) examples which can help in designing your bridal day look!  The investment cost is already covered in your Half or Full day pricing.  Quotes are all customized based on your event needs.

Sanitation – Sanitary practices are of the utmost.  Brushes are deep cleaned, disposables, metal palettes are used to keep all the ick’ys away. Sanitary standards are 100% non negotiable with me.


Not sure what you need? Send me a message and I will help you decide.